Djay 2 skip and stop recording

This has happent to me for couple times. I was making a recording session in djay 2 in my ipad but after about 35 min the song got skipped and the red light in recording button sudently tuned off. The song was ok (keep running) but the recording got stoped.
Please help…is there any limitation on how long the recording session can be made in djay? I still have 2 gigs available in my ipad btw

Hi Grenardy,

There is no limitation in djay. The only reason why a recording would be stopped is when the system stops it due to insufficient disk space. Please try freeing up more disk space.

The system stops the recording automatically and other users reported that this happened to them too with 2GB free space. Please try freeing up more space as suggested.

thank for the reply, but i still have around 2GB space available