Djay 2 with Traktor MK2 Soundcard and externl mixer

Sorry for my english, but i will try it !
Is there anyone who knows, if the Traktor Audio 2 MK 2 soundcard is compatible to the actual djay 2 with ipad air with the use of an external mixer? Everything is fine, but i choose under audiosettings with main Output Channel 1-2 and pre-Cueing Channel 3-4. But the problem is when i play musik the both channel comes out at main Output and not mainoutput and pre-cueing ? Any suggestions or is it not possible? With the Traktor DJ Software it works but i want to use djay 2 and not other Software !!!

Hi Marco,

Can you perhaps make a video recording showing your setup and the problem?

Hi Arne,

The NI Audio 2 MK2 does not work with djay 2 for iPad as a multi-channel audio interface. We recommend the Griffin DJ Connect.

Hi Arne,

We didn’t change anything in our audio system. You can try if your sound card works with other apps that support multi-channel audio.

Hi Ryan,

Unfortunately, the Audio 2 does not work as multi-channel audio device with djay. It can only be used in combination with other audio interfaces, e.g Built-in output.

The same issue occurs with other apps, so it’s most likely not a software bug. The audio interface only works with the corresponding app afaik.

I started selling all my NI gear, I’m so fed up with their vendor-lock-in policy. My problem is that the world of mobile djing gets really really limited, especilally when you exclude NI. And most of products available with iOS support have a toy-feel. I hope things evolve in the right direction in the near future.

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NI Traktor Audio 2 mk II No SOund after update to iOS 7.1.2.

Sound card still working on Mac with djay.
No sound from Main output on sound card on iPad mini retina after update. Anyone else have this problem?
Tried to restart ipad and reset. no change.

Just to clearify; I got Audio2 mkII to work before the update. Just use a power adapter (9-20V) and make sure you scroll the >< wheel opposing the headphone volume. I’m surprised to hear Warren didn’t get it to work.

Wrote to NI about this and of course they say it only supports Traktor software.
Please djay: “crack this branch” as we say in portuguese.

Yes, now I see. One has to use the headphone output on the iPad itself, along with one of the outputs of the sound card. Silly me!
Does anyone know which output generates the best sound (i.e. suitable for Main Output)?

It works fine on my ipad 3G, but not on my ipad air. Djay 2 detects the interface, but the program stopped working, when playing a song. I think, it ́s a problem with the 30dock cable from the audio MK2, which is included in the delivery. So it ́s necessary to use an apple dock lightning converter. But in this combination the audio interface has to little power to work. With an external power supply, I think everything will be ok.
Because of this problem I have sent it back. And in comparison with my old audio mk1, I found it cheap and don ́t like the new volume wheels.

Do you use an external power adapter?

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Traktor Audio 2 with djay.

Hi socrates (and Warren),

I have a Traktor Audio 2, and have also had some issues connecting it to Djay. Headphone cueing doesn’t seem to work when the main output is Audio 2 Ch. 1-2 and Pre-cueing is Audio 2 Ch. 3-4.

I have to change the Pre-cueing to Master Output and plug my headphones directly into my computer’s headphone jack. This doesn’t cause a noticeable decrease in the sound quality, but it would be nice to have both outputs come from the same soundcard. Any ideas for how to fix this?

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Hi Warren,

Thanks for your reply! Just to clarify, is there a fundamental incompatibility between the Audio 2 and Djay, or is this just a software bug that can (and hopefully will) be patched in a future version of Djay?

Assuming this issue can’t be fixed, are there any issues associated with sticking with the the Audio 2 and this two-sound-card approach, or is this a reliable long-term solution? I haven’t noticed any latency or other problems so far.

So after some trial and error I have this basically working:

  1. Connect your main output to mixer, speakers, house etc to the headphone out on the Traktor Audio 2 MK2 and turn the volume up full then down a small amount
  2. Connect your monitor headphones to the iPad headphone out.
  3. On the Traktor Audio 2 MK2 ensure the scroll wheel on the left above the MAIN output connector is rotated clockwise fully up towards the Traktor logo.
  4. Djay Audio Device Setup: main output set to Traktor Audio 2 MK2 ch 1-2
  5. Djay Audio Device Setup: pre-cueing set to headphones
  6. Use the Djay pre-cueing cue<>mix slider to mix between cue and mix coming through the headphones.

I hadn’t tried it before ios 7.1.2 so I can’t speak to that but I know that channels 1/2 and 3/4 work as discrete outs when connected to Ableton Live…go figure.

It is a shame audio device settings don’t persist ie when you restart Djay2 with the same audio interface connected you have to set it all up again.


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Hi Warren, thank you for writing, i think you are the same person, which i have contacted in german over support, see my private email to your support !

Hi Luc,
Warren has answer me on May in german and he says that is it not compatible between the sound card Audio MK II and dj2.


Ich habe extra einen Audio MK 2 bestellt und gestern getestet. Leider scheint es so als würde die Soundkarte nur mit der Traktor app funktionieren. Ich habe die Soundkarte ebenfalls mit anderen Apps (nicht nur djay) getestet und kam zum selben Ergebnis, die Sie beschrieben haben. Ich kann nur vermuten, dass die Soundkarte einen speziellen Treiber braucht um Mehrkanal-Output unterstützen zu können, dies aber aus nur in Traktor-eigene Apps verfügbar sind.


So what’s the answer ? Is it possible to use Traktor audio 2 mk2 with Djay ?
I can see both channel of the audio interface, but no sound…
It works with Traktor DJ software.

Thanks Warren !
It works very well on my Mac, but not on iPad

It works now on my iPad 3G with Djay, but there’s no splitting between main and headphone output. I always hear the main music on the headphones.
But if you plug the headphones on the ipad’s headphones output, it works. You can select the output in Djay.
I am on 7.1.2 version of the iOS.