Djay 2 with Traktor MK2 Soundcard and externl mixer

No external power adapter.

Hello folks,

I am facing the same problem as described (no sound on Main, just on headphone output) by tronque with my NI Audio 2 m kII after update to iOS 7.1.2 on my iPad mini retina, iPhone5. On my iPad 2 which is still on iOS 7.1.0 it is working.
Could ou please fix this, since I use the sound card for routing both channels in my mixer.

Hi Warren,
let put it that way: before the last update of ios it worked togehter with a power adapter, now it isn’t working anymore.
Maby allgoriddm isn’t interested in the compatibilty of the Audio 2 MK2 since you got your cooperation Griffin? So I’ve one more piece of useles hardware in my collection.
As to your suggestion:
The disantvantage of the Griffin DJ Connect is that it doesen’t charge my ipad and is therefore no real alternative.


hi, so N.I audio 2 does work with Djay app? to be able to pre cue etc?

can you plug headphone sin to sound card or does it have to be computer?

i want to do this with a laptop air…