Djay 2's sync is less accurate than Djay 1's

Warren: this has been reported before but I want to bump it front and center. Djay 2’s sync drifts whereas Djay 1’s does not.

Test case:
Take Beyonce’s 7/11 and Kanye’s N*ggas in Paris.
Sync them in Djay 1 - no drifting for the whole song
Try the same in Djay 2 - they drift within 20 seconds.

This is just one example – I find this all the time, tested on the same device, same iOS.

Can Algoriddim PLEASE revert Djay2 to Djay’s sync algorhythm? It was much more accurate.

Hi Gabriel,

Are you using “Perfect Sync”? When this happens, is the sync button lit up in blue?