Djay 3 auto headphones crossfading style is better than Djay 4

Hey guys. love djay- had djay 2, 3, and now 4 on my Mac.

every things running sweet as pie except i don’t like the way headphones are auto assigned in djay 4. is there any setting to revert it to djay 3 style headphone mixing?

in djay 3, the headphone mix is the direct opposite of the position of the corssfader. e.g: as soon as you start to move it across, the song currently on the main deck starts creeping into your headphones. and in the middle of the crossfader, you hear both songs in your headphones as well as in the main speakers.

however in djay 4, the song in preview stays in your headphones, exclusive and all by itself, until the crossfader reaches all the way to the other side. so you don’t get to hear the songs mixing together in your cans, only on the main speakers. which works for some, i know, but i prefer the other style.

is there a setting for auto headphones, the older djay 3 style? am i missing something? cheers

Hi Wyatt,

There is no way to change this. But what you can do is move the “Cue/Mix” slider somewhere towards the middle. This way, you can hear the main mix along with the pre-cued deck.

If you put the Cue/mix slider in the middle, then you should be able to hear the main mix in your headphones. Please check your settings.

Sure, I’ll change this question into an “idea”.

thanks warren- i think this is what i’m doing. and i hear both tracks playing from the main output mixing together. but i only hear one track in my headphones. until the cue/mix slider reaches all the way across to the other side. is there any way around this? also, is this something you can address in future versions?

thanks warren. i found the cue/mix slider in the pop up headphones menu. that does help some- both songs appear in the headphones, with the active turntable quieter than the one that was on Cue last.

It doesn’t ramp the Cue volume down as the mix volume rises- in sync with the position of the main crossfader/mixer beautifully as it does in djay 3. is there any way this can be an option for future updates?