djay 5.1.1 crashing after macOS update

HI, I’m running 5.1.1, i’ve updated to Sonoma from Catalina and still having crashes same as before when typing a search in the My Files inside Djay.

Are you on 5.1.1 or the latest version of 5.1.2?


Well I was checking if it was a mistype as the well no crash issues of 5.1.1 have apparently been sorted with 5.1.2, hence why I asked

Hi maurizio_T, i’m running 5.1.1 and everything seem to be ok the past couple of weeks without any crashes while typing a search in My Files finder (single music folder w all tracks, not using any subscription services) but for some reason it crashed today while typing a search.

(I’ve had multiple crashes before 5.1.1 either using effects , deleting a playlist, typing a search, changing a track title)

Too risky to update to 5.1.2 , have gigs.

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Yes I see your point regarding updating, I would never update if I had a stable version as well…I’m still on version 5.0.4 and as I haven’t had any issues with this version, I don’t really need to update until a maybe a new feature comes up.

But I guess if you are having issues now, it can’t get any worse updating to 5.1.2 which according to others has fixed their crashing they experienced with 5.1.1

You could look at Slak Jaws guide on how to back up and roll back a version if it doesn’t work out for you.

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Hi @Donn,

  1. Can you please submit an official support request through the djay app via Settings>Contact Support. This will give them access to your complete crash reports.
  2. Normally, I would understand your hesitancy to update to 5.1.2 before a gig, but since you are having crashes with 5.1.1 already, I think it would be better to update. Before you do this, you could do a full system backup via Time Machine. This way you can rollback to 5.1.1 if things are not fixed with 5.1.2. Obviously, this is up to you though.
  3. In the meantime, if this crash is easily repeatable, could you try to capture a video of this that I can share with the engineering team to see if they have any suggestions?
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Hi again @Donn. I spoke with the engineering team and they highly recommend that you update to 5.1.2 as this updates fixes many stability issues. As I recommended above, please perform a full system backup with something like Time Machine before you update to 5.1.2.

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