djay cannot find your iTunes library ("iTunes Music Library.xml" file)

Since I have moved to Mountain Lion about a month ago, I have experienced this error messages a handful of times:

“djay cannot find your iTunes library (“iTunes Music Library.xml” file).”

When i try to ‘find’ the itunes library, it won’t allow it to be added since it wants to keep getting to lower files;
michael macbook>itunes>itunes media> music>individual artists

I have over 40,000 songs in my itunes library and certainly cannot add them artist by artist.

Sometimes rebooting computer solves it, others it takes several reboots ands some random fussing.
I am getting very concerned. The first time it happened was two hours before a wedding!

Please offer direction.


If anyone experiences this type of problem, please kindly send an email to

I’m already in contact with Michael.