djay Conversion Utility for MacOS

The djay Conversion Utility (DCU) will convert cue points and the first beatgrid marker set in Native Instrument’s Traktor or Serato DJ to Algoriddim’s djay. The utility will generate a file that can be used with all versions of the djay app (both pro and 2) the converted file can be used on both iOS and MacOS.

The utility is a side companion to Rekord Buddy 2 by Next Audio.

Rekord Buddy 2 is required (or a rekordbox.xml file with valid cue points and beatgrids).

There is no user interface other then a dialog box when the utility can’t find the rekordbox.xml file in the expected location.

If djay pro for MacOS is installed, DCU will ask you to install the converted file in the proper location. A backup file will be created for the installed cue file.

DCU works from MacOS 10.6.8 upto the latest version (64 bits) incl. MacOS Sierra.
you can buy the utility for US$ 4.99 at

Just a heads up. Purchased this three days ago. This app crashes upon opening and I have no idea if it is even legit at this point. Seller uploaded a new version and now my account on the sketchy selling platform he is using (sellfly) says I have no purchases thus can not update. Seller has yet to respond to any messages on this forum, private messages OR messages via Sellfly.

You all know me to be a stand up guy whether we agree all the time or not. That being said.

DO NOT purchase this until I give the green light. While being Only $5 it is quite literally the same as throwing $5 right in the garbage.

Please note. Seller Just contacted me with update and is working with me to resolve crash.

Hello Dave,

Updates are distributed through the mail account that was used to make the paypal payment. Our records show that yours have been send out fine so check your mail!

Can you give some more information on the nature of the crash? What MacOS version? When does it crash? a copy of the log file and your rekordbox.xml would be helpfull as well.

Sure this sounds like a bad experience and we are sorry for that. The djay Conversion Utility should do exactly as we describe. Each release is tested thoroughly before distribution, yet errors occur. We would have appreciated a PM about these problems before posting it as a reply.