Djay for Mac and Djay 2 - Where are any upgrades?!

You must be joking right?!
I purchased Djay for mac on 02/26/2014 from the Mac App store. There hasn’t been one single update to the software at all in that time. Now there is Djay 2 - not a free upgrade and you want me to pay another $54. Not impressed.

They have released djay Pro (v1.0) as a brand new app, not an upgrade to the existing djay product, hence the need to purchase again.

I would have hoped for a discount for existing customers, but apparently it is 40% off for launch.

Don’t buy it then… $49 is NOTHING to a pro dj…

You guys are acting like it’s $800… Either buy it or don’t.


26 years in the business, 75 events per year, making WELL over $100k a year…

And we have PROVED that you lied about your discounted upgrade price… At least I don’t lie.

What brand new app ?! 4 decks, spotify and waveforms means BRAND NEW APP ?!
I purchased Djay since 2011 and now they want 45 euros ?!
No upgrade ??? Come on !
At list, if they call this software “PRO” , should release PRO native controllers like Pioneer DDJ S1 - T1, Pioneer DDJ SX, PIONEER DDJ SZ !!! or Numark NS 7 II
Hmmm, now we have Pioneer WEGO, etc…seriously !!!
I’m so disapointed …!

Why would I spend more money for all the features and updates that were promised for dJay for Mac?! Pretty hefty price and seems like a rip off. I’ve also noticed that the application has been removed from the apple store. So if for any reason I need to reinstall it - I am SOL.


Scott you are far from what I consider a pro and your advice and statements are very, well pointless. You don’t make a vaild point In anyway … I also doubt you make $49 within ten minutes when DJing unless you play a lot of Asian weddings. Anyway I suggest everyone email Algoriddim and tell them how you feel. When they receive more complaits than sales about this situation they will get the point and provide us with a reasonable solution. Make sure you also tell others not to buy this software. Seems like we got to rock the boat a little to get some gratification out of them.

Scott, you are clearly ignorant.

Not every user djays for a living and just because you personally use software with pro in the title when you play some tracks at the occasional Bar Mitzvah or every 2nd weekend at the local retirement home doesn’t mean you can annoint yourself with the title of “pro DJ” either.

My 10yo son uses this software & saves up his money to buy apps and offering better valued upgrades for users who have bought full versions focuses on looking after those people who have supported your business and have actually ensured you can continue to keep the doors of your business open.

The point is that existing customers should be offered better incentives to upgrade, that’s just good business practice & that’s all everyone is saying. No one is saying make it free, as we all know Algoriddim are in business to make money.

Plus, $10 or $10,000 makes no difference and “Buy it or don’t buy it” is a very poor & narrow minded response to people who are stating their disappointment on Algoriddims poor approach to software releases and upgrades.

Hopefully I typed this response slow enough for you understand what the issue is and I hope you actually stop and use what little intellect you may have to try and understand what people are saying and offer responses that actually have some value instead of the useless broken record of second rate replies you’ve been pasting everywhere across these forums.

Can anybody help me , I just purchased the app ( I have a mac ) I can’t seem to login with spottily, When I do ( through ) Facebook, Facebook connects but then there is only a cancel button not done or sty similar…