djay for mac, headphone delay, start problems with Pioneer ddj Ergo

hey algoriddim,
first of all, thank you guys for providing us such a nice looking, good feeling, and cheap solution for digital djing. I’m using djay for mac on a recent iMac 27" with i5 and my controller is the pioneer ddj ergo, I have two problems.

1.) sometimes, I have to reboot djay and my ergo several times before I can use it properly.
the problem is that when I mix and use the sync button, the tracks run out of sync even on same speed and the same track, and when I try to adjust with the pitch fader, the speed jumps up or down pretty rough.

2.) when I mix at home the sound in the headphone (pre cued) is delayed against to the sound coming out of the loudspeakers, it’s just a split second but enough to bother me.

any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

thank you guys.

greets from Austria


Hi Capo,

(1) Does this happen with particular songs? Please note that the SYNC function does not “beat-lock” the songs. It matches the speed and the beat grid only ONCE. Due to precision limits, it can happen that, given enough time, songs run out of sync.

(2) What are your device preferences? You can reduce the latency by using only the controller’s internal sound card for Main output, Pre-cueing and Mic.


I just got a spin 2 at the apple store.

I am trying to use the headphone output for cueing. The audio to the headphones is not synchronized with the main audio.

For example, I play a song on the left turntable with the main audio out the RCA connectors to powered speakers. If I cue the left turntable through the headphones at the same time, the audio on the headphones is slightly ahead of the audio on the speakers. This delay makes it impossible to mix properly.

Can you provide a solution to this problem?

I have had the same issue. Djay is decent for the price, but it does not beat-lock and the latency on monitoring really is a hassle.