djay has become useless

i purchased Djay app a while back, now that you have the pro. it seems my regular app is useless since it
doesn’t seem like I can modify my library path so the app will pick all the music I have on the hard drive.
This is disappointing, Know it seems you want me to buy this new app to allow me to access my music.
This seems a bit deceptive, please help me if i’m missing something. I might as well uninstall the app from my mac.

Were you ever able to do this with the Djay app you have?

Hi Richard,

are you referring to an external iOS storage device or an Wifi external hard drive?
Thank you for your informations.

Lukas E.

Hi Richard,

thank you for your reply.
Please make sure to set up the directory for your iTunes library right, therefor

  1. go to iTunes
  2. select “iTunes” in the menu bar and click on “Preferences”
  3. go to “Advanced”
  4. check if the iTunes Media folder location is linked to your iTunes library

Thank you for your patience.
Lukas E.

I’m referring to my local hard drive on my MacBook. There isn’t a way for me to map the library to the appropriate music folder.