djay not opening. said buy again

Download and payed for the new ddjay 4.2 update but when I go to open it it ask me to buy it again. Can you help.

Hi Steven,

Did you buy djay via the Mac App Store?

If you buy djay from the Mac App Store, djay will be linked to your Apple ID and will not require a license key. If djay asks you for a license key, then you still have the demo version of djay installed on your Mac.

In this case, please delete  all  djay installations on your Mac (e.g. by searching for “djay” in the Spotlight menu in the upper-right screen corner), and then download djay again via the Mac App Store:

  1. Open the App Store app through the Apple menu ().
  2. Click on “Purchases”.
  3. You should be able to find djay here: Now, please click on “Download”.
    If you can’t see djay in your purchases, this probably means that you are not signed in. Please click on “Store” (on the menu bar) and select “Sign in”.

Note : Do not forget to delete the demo version of djay from your Mac first.