Djay on a new Mac temporarily

I’ve been using DJay for many years and I love it. I only use it for a few parties throughout the year. One of the parties is New Year’s eve in a few days. I have both the Mac and iOS iphone/ipad versions. For years I used my old MacBook. I now have it on my new iMac which obviously I won’t be bringing to a party.
Here is my question:
I would like to use my wife’s new MacBook pro on New Year’s Eve. This is where it gets tricky. I have iTunes match but I also have all of my music on an external drive. Is it possible to make this work for “one day” on my wife’s MacBook Pro? Should I create a new user (Me) on her mac? Can I use my Djay Registration on it? Do I log into my iTunes account on her Mac?

Reposting from email:

I recommend doing the following:

  • create your own user account on your wife’s MacBook (this way you can create your own iTunes library and download apps from your Apple ID account without “messing up” your wife’s own data)
  • open “App Store” from the  menu and sign in to your Apple ID under “Store”
  • then download djay under “Purchases”


  • open iTunes and log in to your Apple ID account
  • now, you should be able to download your songs via iTunes Match

By the way, you can also use songs directly from your external hard drive by simply dragging and dropping the songs from Finder onto djay’s turntables.