djay on Apple Vision Pro from Apple Keynote

Here we go. Would be interesting to see more than a few seconds of footage. Interface looks pretty basic but then again I’m not one for scratching.

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Nice technology showcase demonstration, but no practical use case for now. Who is gonna want to watch someone wearing ski goggles manipulate invisible air knobs and faders?


Kind of agree with you @djsteve but I still think it would be a cool product to test. We never know what comes in the future for DJs. Here is a quick clip of what they showcased on the keynote just in case someone wants to watch it.

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Forget VR, give me a hardware version of that “mixer”. It would be cool to have something like that to slide your iPad into and have a built in audio interface/usb hub for DVS and other controllers.

Edit: maybe add some channel faders on the sides for good measure. Reloop, I’m looking at you bring this to life.

lol, or dance the kung-fu butterfly up in the dj booth? (can we get paid as go-go dancers in that case as well?)
really though: had I known that conducting course in Uni all those years ago was leading to this, I would’ve paid better attention and kept my chops up…

I would think the idea is to have the goggles on and see crowd, and then just dj on whatever controller or hardware you have.

I’d want the record decks to be in battle mode else I’m hitting the tone arms! Looks like an awesome start though :smiley:

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Nice game, but how can I connect mix output to a real amplification system ?
I don’t think Vision Pro can send audio output to an amplifier.