djay poor sound output

Have MacBook & pioneer wego3

Had show last night sound was awful… Super bummed

2 days ago… Tested system.
JBL eon 615, JBL eon 610, & Mackie 18 sub

Tested first with ipad app, using 1/8" mini to XLR cable. Xlr into the JBLs

Sounded perfect.

Next hooked up the wego3 to my MacBook. Got sound but it sounded muffled.

Comparing the output from the ipad and the MacBook with the same song was like night & day. The output from the MacBook was terrible.
Disconnected the weego, and used the headphone jack to test the output of the MacBook. Terrible. Used iTunes instead of djay… Perfect

Hooked up the weego again restarted the app. Now Sound was perfect out of the weego.

Compared sound from ipad & computer, sound quality was perfect.

Problem NOT solved.

Last night, no matter how may times I started and restarted the djay app I couldn’t get a high sound quality. It sounded like the speakers were under water. Like maybe through a low pass filter?

When you don’t have the usb cable plugged into the weego the app defaults to the main computer output. When you plug in the weego, you have to go to preferences and tell the software to use the pioneer output instead. It goes through a little process of “rebuilding the audio engine”

What is this all about?

Anyone else have this problem?

It’s a huge bummer when my iphone & ipad play better sound quality than my MacBook & pioneer accessory.

Not cool

Please help me figure this out

Keep in mind, when you send it, you will get a delayed response or no response.

Support is up to one person, Lukas, and he is on the forums maybe once a every 10 days or so.

Hi Benjamin,

sorry for the delayed reply. It would help us a lot if you could send us a sound example via We are sorry that we could not help us so far.

Lukas E. 


Wego2, and djay 2

No mater what controller ive used, algoriddm djay sounds like shit … and i notice this best when compared to mixing on traktor or any other dj format