Djay Pro 1.0 released today question

Djay Pro 1.0 released today is compatible with iPad Air 2?
Algoriddim site says ’ Built for iPad Pro '. Need more info please before purchase this app

It says near the bottom of the description, that it is compatible “with any iPad running iOS 8 or later”.

Are the audio effects that I purchased for the djay 2 app restorable on the djay pro or do I have to buy them all over again?

Too late! I bought the app already! But yes it does transfer! However I was a little misled by the photos in the App Store. I was assuming that the sample section is now loop and syncable but to my disappointment they are still not :frowning:

Thanks Gary

I can tell you it DOES transfer but being I have the FX packs for both Djay Pro (Mac) and Djay 2 I have no idea which one it transferred from??

Hi Guys,

thank you for your posts and feedbacks.
@Deejay Dave
Do you have different FX packs with djay Pro and djay 2?
You can sync them by “Restoring your Purchases”.

@Andi Copesetic
It would be awesome if you could open a thread with your ideas regarding the sampler section, so we can track the user discussion about it and improve our application. Thank you

Lukas E.