djay Pro 1.1: Capable of playing on more than one external screen?

Hi… I am looking forward to exploring the video playback side of DJAY PRO on the Mac, but have a question… Is it possible to output the video display to 2 separate monitors?
I am considering purchasing 2x mini displayport/thunderbolt to DVI cables to pop into the 2 Thunderbolt ports on my MacBook Pro Retina and run them to the 2 monitors. Is this a possibility before I invest in the cables and monitor displays?

The idea being that when gigging, front of house will have a monitor display on each side of the DJ booth showing the same video output from DJay.

Thanks for any help


Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: How do I project videos on a tv or projector using Djay Pro?.

I’m sorry, Stu, there’s no internal feature for multiple external screen Output integrated in djay Pro 1.1. However, you can get an external video output multiplier, in order to get your video on more than one external screen.