djay pro 1.2.1 - no pre cueuing on MixTrack Pro II

I’m not able to do pre-cueuing on MixTrack Pro II… I’ve set the main output to the iMac loudspeakers and the pre-cueuing to the Mixtrack Pro II (i’ve tried both channels 1-2 and 3-4) but no luck …

Can you help ?

I have a Mixtrack Pro II and use ch 3-4 in a similar configuration.

Sometimes you have to reboot or reset the preferences…But on my MacPro laptop it works. Now I have other SERIOUS issues w DJ Pro - Much worse performance than the original DJ they had. My issue is when searching for tracks sometimes everything freezes up… Did not have any problems w DJ original.

Also a feature request… I want to use the Mic input on my Mixtrack Pro II w a Mic, but Main out from the headphone out on my laptop. DJ Pro does not Map the Mic from the Mixtrack Pro II through the USB to the computer. In other words If I want to use the mic input on Mixtrack PII - I can only use the RCA outputs from the Mixtrack Pro II and not my Laptop (higher Quality) headphone output.

Did you have to do anything special to make the pre-cueuing work ? I really can’t get it to work…

You were right, once i rebooted everything it started working… sometimes the pre-cueing goes crazy but it’s ok. Thanks !

Now I have Djay PRO 2 for Mac, and this same controller, and have problems with de cue mix Button, Its not working, Cue or PGM always hear both decks in the headphones… Using other softwares work just fine… but with Djay PRO 2 the problem persist. I hope with this new version of Djay PRO this issue can be fix!!!

PD. The controller mapping is just fine… this is not the problem…

Please help!!!