Djay Pro 2 for Windows: will it ever arrive?

Ok, so I’ve been using Djay Pro 2 on Mac and it’s amazing. Today I bought it for Windows thinking would be the same version, but it isn’t. It doesn’t even have support for video mixing. What gives!?

Video mixing is a very important feature for me, so honestly I feel kinda ripped off… so my question is: will video mixing ever be updated? I’d totally love to have the Automix AI you’ve brought to the Mac version too, great for parties.


Not only that, if you compare the effects and some other things, you will see that the Windows version really really sucks…

algoriddim should finally give us a statement about the future of the windows version.if they will not develop it because it has not sold well enough, that’s ok too. but just leave us flat and say nothing is really puke.