Djay pro AI for mac

Will Djay pro 2 for mac have AI integrated in the software at some point ?

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Well, with the upcoming Apple Silicon SOCs / CPUs it does look very likely…

All platforms are shifting not just Mac’s…

Algoriddim therefore will need to adapt existing software for iPhones and iPads as well, so, Mac based machines will most certainly see the same. The release of Djay Pro3 with AI will see the light of day.

regardless of the new Apple Silicon, AI should be implemented in the Mac app natively not only as a standalone, any MacBook with a discrete GPU can handle the AI portion of the processing, VDJ does this, it gives u an option to use the GPU or CPU for stems processing. Shouldn’t be too hard to offload the processing task to any Mac with a discrete GPU. The standalone while a nice option isn’t as convenient as on the fly real time.

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