Djay Pro and Nicecast: no current song

Hi to all,
does anybody found this issue with Djay Pro and Nicecast? I cannot transmit any data about my current song when i broadcast (it says N.A.). Seems it isn’t a Nicecast issue, cause it works properly with other applications.
Thanks to all.

djay Pro currently does not support Nicecast but I’ll change this into a request.

Well, the broadcast words good, seems there is a basic support, the current song is only an issue.
But if you can bring this integration a lot of people will thank You very much.

I allow myself to add that compared to conventional Djay version, this will be that the titration is done only when it is launched deck and not when loading the sound on the deck. Thank you.

This is a must! Please and thank you very much.

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Is there *any* kind of workable solution for song titles in a DJay Pro + NiceCast situation? Anything at all? I’ve been beating my head on this for a couple of days.

Really, you need to fix this or give us the option to still purchase 4…