DJay Pro and Pioneer DDJ WE Go 3 (OSX v iOS) - Cables

Hi there, So here is my situation. I have:

  • Pioneer DDJ we GO3

  • iPad 2 (30pin cable, not lightening)

  • Macbook Pro

  • iPhone 5

  • I have a few options available to me, ideally I’d like to use iPad - but the cable supplied does not connect. I have some options:

  • I can (and have) use my iPhone - it works, but it’s very small.

  • Does the DJay Pro app work with DDJ WeGo 3? (and has anyone had a positive experience with it)?

  • Is there maybe a cable for the DDJ We Go 3 which works with older iPad?

Just looking for anyones experience / opinions on best option? I prefer the DJay software to the others available.

As mentioned above, you can get the optional 30-pin cable for the WeGO 3. The controller also works with djay Pro for Mac.

If this is still an issue, you need the official Pioneer DJC-WeCAi30 cable, which is basically the 30-pin version of the Lightning cable that comes with the WeGO3.

Most DJ equipment shops sell them for about £30 online.