Djay Pro BPM different than Djay 2?

I recently upgraded from Djay 2 to DJay Pro on my iPad. I expected to have all of the meta-data in the new app, but was surprised only have cue points and not BPM. In addition, DJay Pro seems to be analysing the songs differently than DJay2 ( I play salsa and Latin jazz music which admittedly, it is probably more difficult to analyze correctly ). DJay2 did a very good job and I rarely had to correct a BPM. Now, dozens of tracks seems to have the wrong analysis.
Is there anyway to get the meta-data from one app to the other? Otherwise I might just stick to the old one…

Oh, I see that BPM is not synced over iCloud, pity!
I am just curious why DJay 2 and Djpro are analyzing songs differently. DJay 2 seems to always give me the correct results where is DJ pro is often completely off the mark.

I still haven’t started using Djay Pro, as so many songs have a different BPM then in DJay2…
Here is The same playlist in Djay pro and Djay2. As you can see, some songs are analyzed identically and someone completely different. Some again only vary by a few beats .

Mix Master G, what’s good with your demo link you have listed above? I was interested in viewing as I am in need of syncing two iPads and haven’t found out how to do it yet, however, It says it’s no longer available.

Hi there,

if you are activating the iCloud, your meta data will be synchronised automatically.
Please see:

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Andrew Aitken,

thank you for the follow up, can you give me an example which song is not getting analysed the same way in djay 2/pro?

Lukas E.

In short yes there is.
We wrote a utility to convert your cue points set in other applications to djay.
(see the demo on

As a bonus the documentation shows you how you can backup and restore your djay data from an iOS device. Or transfer it to another iOS device. So you only have to analyze the track once (and use the same data on all devices).

video was replaced with a newer version

you can buy the djay converter utility at

and howto sync 2 ipads you can read about here…