Djay Pro BPM Sync

Hi all,
I am using djay as my secondary DJ tool after Serato.
Now during investigating time into all settings and possibilities I figured out few issues with the BPM speed sync between two tracks which are in my libary or imported from Spotify.

The issue is that if I use 2 tracks with 128 BPM or I raise up second song to match the first one. But once done and I loop (or even run both tracks at the same time) you can see that 4/4 bars are becoming unsync in the tempo so that I have to adjust either first deck or second one.
In some examples I can even observe that the 4/4 bars do not match although I am using the same BPM value.
What is the problem, is this known or will it be fixed? This are basics for a DJ software which should work.

If I use the same tracks in Serato tracks will stay in sync all the time.

The second weird issue is that if I set a cue point the point is not exactly on the position I picked just sometimes later. The loop will not be in time and sounds aweful as one beat is too much or too less.
I wrote already an email to algoriddim but without any success and no response.
Thank you for your help.