Djay pro cashes on startup

I have been using your product for the past month and have been very satisfied with it. I have played a live set and refined my dj skills. However tonight I went to open Djay pro and it would continue to launch for 2-3 seconds and then crash. I have turned my computer on and back off and have uninstalled and reinstalled the djay pro software and none of that has helped. The demo version does launch and runs fine however I can not do anything on it since the trial has expired. If you could please help me troubleshoot and find a solution I would be greatly appreciative.
I sent your support email a message but have not received a message so if you could respond here that would be very appreciated.

I find that my controller will not work with djay pro with creator update I have MTP3 I had to roll back to win 10 v 1607 and all works fine

I have also tried unplugging my controller before launching the software.

I am running the creator update. It didn’t come up with cache damaged

Should I get CC cleaner? I do have windows.

Hey man, first question, are you using windows, second - have you recently upgraded to creators update, if so try troubleshooting windows store, if it comes up with “store’s cache may be damaged” that’s another whole problem.

are you running creators update? i doubt it would fix the issues, but it’s worth a shot

now that’s interesting, because on my laptop, djay pro crashes on launching, due to store cache problems, as some other windows store apps. Is there any other apps from store which doesn’t work for you?

for me djay pro was crashing due to media pack , which wasn’t available for my windows 10 pro n version, at that time, since i installed media pack, it all works fine