djay pro causes high CPU usage

I installed djay pro on windows 10 32-Bit a few days ago. CPU is Intel i3 early version, graphics adapter is NVIDIA GEFORCE 310M 512MB. Music base are 3000 mp3 songs an drive C: (SSD).
All funktions seem to work ok, only the wave doesn’t move perfect constantly.
The problem is:
Djay pro app uses 95% CPU all time even without doing anything, notebook is running hot, testet several times and for hours - no change.
If I reduce the open windows size to a quarter of full size CPU drops to 80%, but app cannot be used at this size.
Can you tell me reasons and a workaround?

I had same problems with my old Mac Book. Since I have the newest Mac Book with i5 Processor and a lot memory there are no problems.