Djay Pro & CDJ 900 Nexus Bugs & Faults

I have been DJ’ing using DJAY pro on my Macbook Pro connected to two CDJ900 Nexus decks. Pairing and linking them up is straight forward but after about 45 mins of Dj’ing normally the right deck will start to jump back about 5bpms mid track. I have also had the computer freeze half way through a set while browsing the tracks. The only way to fix the problem is to reboot the whole system (which I have done mid set twice in the last two weeks) which as you can imagine is a stressful situation. What’s the problem?

Hi there,

we added support of the CDJ-350, CDJ-400, CDJ-850, CDJ-900, CDJ-2000, XDJ-700 
and improved our support of the CDJ-900NXS CDJ-2000NXS and XDJ-1000 with the new update of djay Pro 1.3.
Are you still experiencing the described bug with your Nexus?

Check it out.

Lukas E.

Hi Lukas

thanks for the reply.

as you can imagine performing with Djay knowing the pitch faders are going to jump up and down is a nerve racking experience. Not one i’m keen to replicate. So no, as of yet i’ve not tried V1.3 with Nexus 900’s. I"m back to using USB sticks.