Djay Pro Crashing

djay pro keeps crashing
evertime i try to start program it crashes
i force quit and restart my Mac book pro
try to restart djay pro but it is still crashing
this is going on the 2nd day
I need help

Dis you try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. I was having a similar problem and that fixed it for me

You’ll have to re-anslyze the songs for the bpm’s and maybe some of your cue points, but that’s it. However re analyzing the songs can take a while depending on how many you have in iTunes

Ok. Understandable. Possible diagnosis tho…where do you get your music from?

Ok iTunes is safe but some other songs, depending on where they’re dowmloaded from come with viruses and they cause to happen. That’s what happened to me. The re-install cleared it up. But I agree with you. Wait to see what the algoriddim rep says


You mean the songs?

Glad I could help

Hey there,

thank you Matt for your help. 

@dj Yardy, good to hear that things are back to normal, if you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Thanks Matt
will i lose my history and settings if i uninstall and reinstall?

Hey Thanks for your help

I will wait to hear from an “Algoriddim Employee” for their input before i try reinstalling

i get some from iTunes and some i download from record pools

Thanks Matt

Hey Matt
Thanks Thanks
your insight about songs with viruses was pretty spot on
There was one song i downloaded 2 days which i wasn’t sure about.

I deleted it and restart my Mac
Now my Djay pro is working


yep, now i need to figure out how to backup my djay pro data
I really can’t afford to restart from scratch

Hey Matt

No, i’ve deleated the problem song.
I’m now going to backup my Day pro data

Thanks again
I really appreciate you taking the time to assist