Djay pro doesn't activate my controller

I try to use my hercules rmx controller with djay pro, and when I plug it in the app gives me this big “hercules” banner to let me know it found the controller, however my midi controller doesn’t become avtive for use, and doesn’t work.

I already changed all possible devices to hercules rmx in the devices settings tab.
(the controller works fine, it does work with vurtual dj)

Hi Dennis,

Please reach out to our support team at support(at), with information about your setup.

Best Regards,

Hi Lukas

Thank you for replying to my post.
However I already managed to reslove the issue, it seemed that the controller driver that was installed at the time (and worked fine with Virtual DJ) was outdated for use with Djay Pro. After a clean install of drivers and firmware, the controller is now fully operational.

Thanks again for your assistance regarding this!
Kind Regards