Djay pro for iPad on Numark IDJ Pro controller: 4 decks?

When I use the Djay pro app on my Numark IDJ Pro Controller, only 2 of the 4 decks are visible. (Because of the portrait mode I think) I can hear the other decks but they disappear when connecting the iPad to the controller, cause he switches to landscape. It would be great to be able to use al four decks.
Any sollutions to this?

Djay Pro is not optimized for the Idj Pro

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@Jan van Hoof
There are only 2 decks visible because the iDJ is only a 2 deck controller, sorry for that.

@Bigfred Selecta
Have you experienced any problems with the iDJ’s djay pro integration? Would be great if you could tell us via The controller is natively supported but we always appreciate informations and improvements.

@Andre Ribeiro 
I would like to forward you as well to our support section via, so we can give you in-detail instructions about your setup.

Hi, After 5 minutes the djay Pro lost connection with the Numark IDJ pro and I need to turn off and turn on to work again. I uninstall the software and stayed with Djay 2 until solve this issue.

Andre Ribeiro

Hi, i am using idj pro with ipad2, should i download Djay pro or better stay with Djay2?