Djay Pro for iPad Pro 9.7-inch crashes with the MIXON 4

i am using Djay Pro v1.0.4 on my iPad Pro 9.7-inch with iOS 10.2

yesterday i tested the mixon 4 at my local dealer and noticed this problem. when i start up djay pro this message pops up

after clicking keep/restore djay pro crashes when i click the expand/collapse tool, the three wavefrom and videomix switch.

Hi there,

while being connected to the Mixon 4, the controllers crossfader assignment is getting transferred to the app, please make sure the Mixon is set to A-A-B-B for all decks if you want to use a crossfader at all. You can find the assignment buttons underneath the line faders.

Lukas E.

Hey guys,

first of thank you Holidae for your detailed help, could not do it better :slight_smile:
Regarding your issue Gellron, unfortunately no matter which of the supposed buttons i used neither expand/collapse tool, the three wavefrom nor videomix switch caused a crash.

I tried to reproduce the issue with a Mixon 4 firmware version v2118 and an iPad Pro 12.9’ with iOS 10.2. The only difference of my setup is the size of the iPad.

Do you have the possibility to check the setup with another iPad?

Lukas E.

I experienced the same when I first connected my iPad Pro 12.9-inch to my Mixon 4.

I no longer experienced it once I closed all apps and rebooted my iPad.

After some trial and error in trying to duplicate the error to avoid a mishap while doing a live show, I determined that the issue was having djay 2 open as well as djay Pro. I selected “Keep” and the software no longer crashed.

Hope this helps.

Sorry that didn’t work for you.

My crossfader setting is Thru-A-B-Thru.

Have you updated the firmware for the controller? You should be running v2118.

I’ll hook up my smaller iPad once I get home this evening and see if I can reproduce the problem.

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling djay Pro?

Unfortunately I’m unable to reproduce your error w/o opening djay 2 first and then opening djay Pro.

Hopefully Lukas can sort it out for you.

That video is painful to watch. Sorry your experiencing this.

Does it do the same thing when you switch views using the controller?
Shift+Load CH2 will toggle the views.

Also try Shift+Sampler. That shouldn’t work but it’s documented to display the sampler view.

Hopefully the next version of djay Pro and/or firmware version of the controller will fix this for you. There are some other kinks that need ironing out as well.

I don’t know when the next release is due though.

Excellent. Glad it’s working for you. Hopefully those shift functions via the controller are next.

Thanks for the tip Holidae but it didn’t solve the problem. Lukas E. your tip did get rid of the crossfader assignment message thanks for that. I even gave my iPad a hard reset. First app installed and used was Djay Pro and it still keeps crashing when hitting one of the switches I mentioned.

no problem thanks for helping.

it came out of the box with firmware v2118 on it.

yes i uninstalled and reinstalled Djay Pro a few times.

Hey guys,

thank you for help Holidea. yes Lukas i’ve tried another iPad (iPad Air 2 with iOS 9.3.5). same problem. I’m beginning to doubt the mixon 4 shipment to my local dealer lol. Guess i have to live it. No switch touching for me when i’m playing music and hopefully the next update for djay pro or reloop firmware will sort out this issue for me. I’ve uploaded a video of the crashes to my gdrive storage.…

again thank you guys Holidea & Lukas E. for the help.

yes it’s painful… i will try Shift+Load CH2 and Shift+Sampler as soon as i’m home.

Same story when i use Shift+Load CH2, crash crash crash :frowning:

Yup Shift+Sampler is not working…

Hey guys

update 1.0.6 solved my problem, bug is fixed :smiley: great job algoriddim.
Thanks again both you guys :wink: Holidae & Lukas E.