DJAY Pro for MAC Video buffering when scrolling through music library?

I am using a MacBook pro late 2016 with my music and video on an external enclosure which has an SSD in it and uses USB-C connection type. When I am video mixing and the video is playing on an external screen, if i start to scroll the music library for the next song or video, as I scroll through the library, the video buffers each time i scroll through the song or video list. Anyone else have this issue? I was wondering if it had to do with using external usb for music or maybe its a USB-C issue? i also have Serato DJ and it does not have this issue on same machine with same library.

I am using MacBook pro 13 upgraded with i7 CPU

any thoughts would help


Hello Lukas, thanks for the reply. Yes, I am using the trackpad on the MacBook Pro and it happens when i scroll through the library, whether its the video collection or audio collection within the app.

By the way, its not even very fast scrolling, I can just scroll down 2 or 3 songs on the list, its every time i move up or down the list, the video buffers and then needs to catch up once i stop scrolling.

So there is a report on this issue under review?


I’m using 1.4.2, the latest update from App Store and for Mac OS Sierra


Hey Fsant,

very fast scrolling is not an issue caused by external SSD hard drives. Are you using the Track Pad for scrolling?
We can reproduce the issue with an external mouse with a scrolling wheel and added the issue to our tracking system.

Lukas E. 

Thank you for the follow up. Yes I reported the issue and we are investigating it. It appears that with the MacBooks at our office only with very heavy Track Pad scrolling the explained buffering is reproducible.
Can you tell us which djay version you are using?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.