djay Pro for Windows crashes on start up

Purchased djay Pro for Windows yesterday after trying the trial on Windows, and after having really liked versions of the product on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

For reasons unknown to me, the paid version crashed on start up. Hasn’t fully loaded once. And so far, I’m only getting auto-replies to my support requests (it’s not been 24 hours yet, but many companies would have responded by now).

Am I the only one having this problem? Any suggestions? I’ve already rebooted a few times, reinstalled a few times – all the usual easy stuff.

I have an iPad (older) looking to upgrade, but I need help with my decision. My laptop is a windows machine…ehemm…question answered there. So, here’s my next question. iPad Pro, or MacBook Air? It would strictly be for my DJ stuff and I’m looking to play with the reloop 4. Can someone help guide me? I want to add tv screens to my setup and run the video portion of djay pro on the screen. I’m not seeing how to do that from an iPad. So far, it seems that can only occur with a mac. The key is, I want to split my audio and video. The audio will go to my amp and I’d like only the video to play on the screen (not mirrored) so that I can still DJ from the app. I understand you can play by Apple TV, but I don’t want to mirror, I want separate video.

Hi Clark,

we are very sorry to hear that.
Can you tell us which exact Windows and djay version you are using?

Thank you in advance.

No any update in about one year… I have the feeling they have outsourced Djay Pro for Windows and now they don’t know how to fix the issue…

that’s normal here. It is actually quite unusual as windows user to get a comment at all. it seems like the people of algoriddim do not like us windows users very much. nothing has changedat the windows version since almost 9 months, despite massive criticism of many users. just compair the release notes of the mac and the pc version. lukas is probably not a robot :). he will just not know how to appease us anymore. did you try to reinstall the app?

See? That’s what I’m talking about.

I had bought djay pro for the pc although I knew that my most used controller ddj sz was not yet supported at the time. because he was already listed on the mac, I thought that it would probably not take much longer until he would be supported on the pc.

If i would have known back then what a sh*t company algoriddim is and how they deal with their customers, I would have never bought this program.

I would not have thought that a respected German software company porting a very good mac version of a dj software for the pc, throw them half finished on the market, full of bugs and problems and then dont pay any attention to the the software or their users anymore .

whatever. waste 50€ for nothing. :frowning:

better make a new topic. here you will probably only encounter frustrated windows users

Product is djay Pro for Windows 1.0.26524.0 (as per Microsoft store)

Windows Specifications
Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 1709
OS Build 16299.192

Ok, so basically I have been asked for what version of the djay Pro and Windows I’m using three times — and haven’t received a single follow up message with
suggestions or solutions. It feels a lot like I’m getting auto replies — and I am not feeling like I’m getting help at all here. My next step is getting a refund if I don’t hear anything.

I rebooted and reinstalled a couple of times — didn’t help. Interesting they won’t respond to Windows users — I’m also a Mac, iPad and iPhone user. If I’m left with a negative experience with the Windows version — it’s going to carry over to future decisions on all platforms.