The pro software crashes every time i start, and does not respond. I raised this complaint by e-mail, and i was asked to delete and reinstall, however it still behaves the same after reinstalling.

The app has been very inconsistent always freezing, crashing during usage, and now it doesn’t start up properly. This really is testing my patience, as I had to do my last 2 weekend gigs with alternatives, and I am beginning to regret using DJAY software as my main set-up and buying a beat pad 2 and subscribing to spotify premium etc,…

Also I notice that most of the complaints raised end up in several counter questions than solutions. So please could someone please provide a resolution or update the software version with a fix.

I have a normal, latest macbook pro 13’ retina, no alterations… so please help asap, i have a concert upcoming in a week.

Hi mortal_earthling,

thank you for sharing the information. 
I am sorry but we have to ask follow up questions as every users setup is different. Can you tell me the subject of your mail, i will reply to it as fast as possible.

Lukas E.

Hi there,

can you please send us a crash log.
You can find them by going to the console (spotlight search “console”).
There please click “Diagnostic and User Report” and send us the latest “djay” labeled entry.

Lukas E.

This started happening to me as well. Application hangs during startup. It used to bring me straight to the advanced settings window after startup and now it won’t even get that far. It happened right after I discovered there was batch import for my library.