Djay pro ipad pro audio crash

Hi There,

I love the ipad pro app, i have somewhat of a bug submission idea and ask all rolled into one.

my problem is that the fx coupled with filter effect going into HP mode sometimes pushes the signal into peak and subsequently crashes the audio - ceases to make sound, only restarting the app starts the process again.

i’ve tried limiter on/off and lowering the audio level peak in settings>music under ios and problem persists.

Ive just bought the reeloop metour controller, not anywhere through specification does it say it can controll 4 decks im guessing it will stop at 2 but i’ve accepted this and taken the plunge

can a gui interface be installed on future updates to automate which 2 decks are used as the controller decks, im sure the code can be patched in this way to distinguish which are being used. it could be like orange buttons like DJM mixers.

the second ask is can you add support for bluetooth keyboards and not just the smart keyboard, I paired my apple keyboard and in the settings screen there isnt recognition or a sub menu to tell you the shortcuts.

I need this as the smart keyboard doesnt allow a rugged case a must if this is to be aimed at DJ’ing in a pub / bar which I intend to use it for. and this means also the keyboard can be split from the screen allowing to prop elsewhere.

I hope at the very lease the sound bug is quoshed and thanks for reading.