Djay pro iPad - so good

Must admit I do love Djay Pro for iPad, even though I have a iPad 4, it seems to be performing better with less glitches.

At some point I’ll purchase a iPad Air 2 or pro. With the Beatpad 2 though I would love to see extended looping.

I love the djay pro and beatpad 2 combination as well! Although a mapping to convert the beatpad 2 into a 4 deck mixer would be great! I know not all functions would work but at least make it so that you can jump to the cue points, set loops and use the jog wheel! :slight_smile:

Hi Dysfunk DJ,

thank you very much for your feedback, we really appreciate it.

We will collect posts regarding the Beatpad 2 loop range issue in the “Beatpad 2 looping” thread.

Thank you hope you are having fun mixing.

Lukas E.