djay Pro not recognizing iTunes start/stop times for songs in library

I just bought djay Pro for Mac via the App Store. I have used djay since v4 and really like it. For some reason, djay Pro is not recognizing song start/stop times from the iTunes library. All other iTunes fields are present. Options in djay preferences are set to use start/stop times in Automix mode. All songs are on the local harddrive–no cloud use.

System specs:
iMac (Retina 5k, 27", late 2015, OSX El Capitan)
djay v 1.2.1

Please advise if this is a bug or if there’s something I’ve misconfigured.

Hi there,

please note that the “Automix use Start/Stop” markers are not referring to the markers set in iTunes.
You can set these right in the djay software via 

  1. selecting the deck where you want to set a marker in the top menu bar.
  2. selecting “Cue Points”
  3. choose “Select Start/End Point”.

For further informations please see the attached screenshot.

Lukas E.

Hi there,

thank you for the feedback.
Please note that you don’t need to jump to the end points. After setting them and activating “Automix use Start/Stop” the Automix will consider them for the mix.

Lukas E.

Thanks for the reply, Lukas.

The previous version of djay (4.2.3) loaded the start and stop times from iTunes and displayed them as cue points on the vinyl. Since djay pro isn’t recognizing these from iTunes, the song will play to the absolute end even though the Automix option is selected to use start and stop points if available.

Using your instructions above, there seems to be an arbitrary stop time for songs. For instance, in my iTunes library, a song’s stop time is set to exactly 5:00. However, when pressing ‘T’ or ‘Y’ (depending on deck), it jumps to 4:50.

Here’s a screenshot of the previous djay app for Mac. My library is over 13000 songs and I haven’t set any in djay–only in iTunes.

Please advise,