djay Pro occasionally stops playing a track when a slider/knob is being used

So this has been really hard to reproduce. I noticed it since I bought the app but I wasn’t sure what happened until I started paying attention.
I use a Denon MC4000 with a mac book pro running OS X Sierra. I have also the latest version of djay pro installed through the apple store.
What happens in detail: when I’m mixing tracks and I use one of the faders or knobs (filters, tempo or channel fader) the track on play will stop playing.
I can’t any other indicator of what is happening. It occurs at least once for every 4 hours of play. Sometimes it doesn’t happen so it’s really hard to figure it out. I’ve put a good numbers of hours using the Serato Intro that came with the controller and such problem doesn’t happen at all.
I don’t feel confident in using djay Pro in a live event, pelase help;

iv’e got the same problem not only does it stop playing it sometimes jumps back to the beginning and it’s any fader touch or knob movement but it’s hard to recreate as it’s so random and very annoying i’ve stopped using djay and now using scratch dj which came with the controller. i’ve used djay now for many years i was so impressed with the software from day one of it launching but the service and support is very poor and the slow communication and lack of urgency to better their completion is a bit of a mystery but since they have the non pro stuff for iOS the pro side is no longer important. real shame for such a bright company who have now turned into nothing but just a nice looking software which cannot be taken seriously.

Hey Daniel,

thank you for your post and sorry for the belated reply. Mh so far it is hard to reproduce… Have you experienced one of the faders or knobs which is causing the stopping more often than another?

Also are you using the native mapping provided by us or are you using a customised mapping?

Lukas E.

Hey Dan,

thank you for the follow up. I told the team to have an eye on this while using the Denon MC4000. Also it would be really helpful to capture the explained behaviour via video, but i assume the issue is occurring too unfrequent.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Daniel Marques,

thank you looking forward for the video.

The Quick Time Player is capable of Screen recording.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Lucas, thanks for your reply. The problem occurs randomly between the faders I use more frequently, namely, tempo, channel fader and the low band filter.
In the beginning I was using a custom mapping but I switched back to the standard but the problem persists.

Best regards

I’ll be on a trip until the 10th but when I’m back I’ll start recording my sets on video. Do you have any suggestion for a free screen capture app?
Thank you,

I recorded my screen in a test and it didn’t take long for the problem to appear.
This time it happens on 5:11 when I was listening to an incoming track on cue. When I was adjusting the monitor level it triggered the playing track to jump to start. See the fader on deck2 flipping oddly and the cue on deck 2 switched off.
I go over the settings around 1:08.
I hope this week I get a tripod to record the deck as well. I’ll post more vids I I get them.

I tried upload it to youtube but they muted de video due on copyright clam.
Please see it here:…

Cheers, Daniel