DJay Pro & Pioneer DDJ S1


I just bought day pro and a Pioneer DDJ S1 but I can’t use it as a MIDI controller.

I “configure” it by the menu but doesn’t work …

Please help me

Ps: Thank you for the Spotify integration !!!

I also bought and have a DDJ S1 .
Please if you have any news let me know .
Thank you


I’ve found how to configure ……

but … no good news

Jog too sensitive, bad library access … And more …

please help

Any news on the S1? I was thinking about buying djay pro but if it won’t work it would be pretty useless.

Well I bought it anyway, thought that the “easy-to-use MIDI Learn feature” would at least make my experience bearable.

But No! This was $49 down the drain.
It can’t detect knobs properly, for instance increase or decrease loops, hot-cue-buttons and more.
Jog-wheel will never give you that feeling you want.

So for others finding this thread, if you have a pioneer product not supported by the software DON’T BUY!

Anybody have any luck with the mapping of Djay Pro to the Pioneer DDJ-S1? It’s the only mixer I have and cash is really tight right now. I really wanted to use the app to DJ on new years this year.