Djay pro problem with spotify

when i try to use the spotify option on djay pro and connect to my facebook account linked with spotify,djay pro gets stuck with only the option of logging off or seeing the account settings and even when i click on account settings it logs off. I cant search for any music or do anything regarding spotify on djay pro and my account is premium as well. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Could it be a problem with the “á” in your lastname and Algoriddim not understands that they should use UTF-8 (or something) against Spotify’s API?

(I’ve problems to open my Spotify playlists with DJay for Android, and suspects that they don’t encode Spotify usernames and/or password the right way. I don’t think Spotify have any problems with this kind of characters ((Swedish alphabet have for example “ÅÄÖ”)) and Spofify are from Sweden)

Can you please take a screenshot of the window that appears after logging in?