DJay Pro Remote Controlling

please make an App for iPhone / iPad Remote Controlling for Djay Pro Mac

I will not update from Djay 3 as I am lucky to have the old iPhone / iPad remote from the App store years back that works well allowing me to move away from my desk, but still have full control.

I also need remote control.

  • I am using Numark Orbit (50 €) what works better then TouchOSC (the best remote Control App)

  • with Traktor Pro 2 I am using Midi Pad to control my playlist (switching Genre). The Autoply plays several tracks from one genre. If I think it time to switch to a other genre I hit a button on my remote control and the next track is from the new genre



Numark Orbit

Interesting is to control Master Volume based on meassured dB. So you go to the other side of the room, start volume meassure app and choose the dB Level (85 db). The App send Midi commands to DJay Pro to control Master Volume until db is 85 dB

Hello Manfred, it’s an old thread but I just discovered Midipad and I’m trying to set it with traktor pro but i’m having a hard time with it. Can you please share with me, what settings did you made to switch playlist from midipad? Thank you!