Djay Pro Scrolling to the Bottom of Library Items Periodically

Hi, I use Djay on my IPad and am trying out the demo of Djay Pro on my MacBook. About 2 out of 3 times that I start the program, the library automatically scrolls to the last item in the list of playlists or songs. Once it gets to the last playlist in the library I can go bak up and click on the name of a playlist and as long as I hold down the mouse key I can see the songs in the playlist but as soon as I release the key the list of songs disappears. Is anyone else having a similar problem? Thanks.

Hi Bill,

Sorry for the late reply. Did you also receive my email?

Can you perhaps make a short video recording showing the problem?
Are you using any external devices with your Mac?

Hi Warren,

Thanks for the reply. I just sent you a video showing the problem.