Djay Pro Search is Horrible - Give me back my old Djay Search Capabalities!!!!!!!!

I want my old search capabilities back!!! Like it’s done in Itunes and in original Djay, I want to be able to search from inside a selected playlist, using any criteria!!! In Djay pro the search is done only on the itunes MUSIC LIBRARY!!!

Seems like I have to go back to Djay. Did I waste my money???

The search is pro is crippling.

The ability to search within a playlist is essential. Defaulting to the entire library introduces so much clutter. The fact that it brings up the results in a separate list alongside the list I’m already looking at gives me less information in two places instead of helping me find what I need.

Also, pro needs to recognize partial strings like 4.2.3 (or iTunes) does. Example, I’m looking for “Midnight Train to Georgia” and type “mid pips” into the search. In 4.2.3 I find exactly what I’m looking for. In pro I get nothing unless every search term is an exact match.

Pro has also rendered thousands of my grouping tags useless. I might have something labeled “.funk.soul.top40.” in the grouping field. In 4.2.3 I could search “.funk 40.” and get all my Top 40 funk hits returned. Not only does Pro ignore the grouping field completely, it also ignores periods in my search, so typing in “40.” returns UB40 songs when I specifically typed the period to exclude stuff like that.

Sorry for the rant but I can’t use “pro” professionally like this.

I just got back from my summer hiatus, downloaded the update and saw search is finally fixed! Thank you! I can now finally try this out live.

Yep. My gripe, too. I feel like I basically purchased this for Spotify integration, and I might ditch that altogether and go back to the original DJay until a change is made.

Months into this purchase, I am still very disappointed and feel like I wasted my money.

Interesting input. We’ll be sure to look into this.

With djay Pro 1.0.2, you should again be able to search by comments, grouping etc.

Our team is also currently looking into bringing back the “playlist filter” search feature, as in searching just within the selected playlist.

I agree… universal search is a must.

I’d also like to request that the search scope is limited to the current playlist. If I want a full library search, I’d select “Music” in the left sidebar, and then perform a search there.

This is absolutely crucial functionality for DJing. The old Djay did it right, why not Djay Pro?

Hi Warren, how far away is the “playlist filter” search feature, you think? Can we expect it in the next update?

I gotta agree. There’s no easy way to jump to a song you’re looking for. I just jumped back to the old version and realized how much better that part of the library is. Loving the new version but it needs a few things…

It’s not so much a rant as constructive feedback. It kind of feels like Algoriddim is made up of programmers who aren’t actually DJ’s. It doesn’t seem like they’ve actually used pro in a real world situation. I’ve been playing around with djay pro trying to simulate an actual event and I agree with your comments. The current format is pretty crippling. Having to scroll down to whatever song you’re looking for is really tough. Also, if you do find the right song in the search window, there’s no way to load it without using mouse/trackpad. Many times I’ve ended up loading whatever song happened to be in the main browser by mistake. Ugh…

I would love to see the playlist isolation search brought to the ipad app also. Currently searching the entirety of Spotify renders the feature essentially useless.

Totally agree! I was just about to write a post on this. It was so much better in the old djay for mac. In djay pro I can only search title/artist/album which often I don’t remember, so now I have to switch to itunes to search keywords in ‘genre’ and ‘comments’. Also it’s annoying there’s so little info showing up in the little search box. If I need to see any notes I put in the comments field I have to scroll down manually in the main window to see the song? That’s ridiculous. If you’re keeping it like that you should have an option to switch to the old way, like the ‘search entire library’ option you have in itunes.

I’m hoping it’s a shit-we-better-wrap-this-up-before-the-release-date kind of situation, and that all will be well in version 1.1. Right now search is definitely not pro.

djay Pro 1.1 has now the option to assign the search box to an individual playlist.
Update djay Pro and check it out! Hope you’ll like it!