djay Pro unexpectedly quits when trying to log in to spotify. [URGENT]

When opening the app, selecting Spotify and clicking Login to Spotify, a pop up appears with a spinning wheel, and then the app quits completely.

I have tried this on v1.01 and v1.02 across multiple users on my Macbook.

Any solutions, really could do with this being fixed urgently for tonight!!!

It got fixed the same night, I think there was an error with the login page loading. I couldn’t login for about 24 hours. I sent across a few crash reports, so that hopefully will help you look into the error.

Hi Berian,

Can you log in via the default Spotify App / website?

@Phnx: Can you please contact “”, so we can have a look into the Crash Report. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Didn’t work for me

I logged onto spotify via the app and djay pro still crashes every time I try to open spotify…

It crashes every time I try to access spotify via the djay pro app

I would buy it if it actually worked

How did you get it working I’m able to logging into spotify via the app but when I try to log in through djay pro for Mac it crashes

I can log in the website but it won’t work through the djay pro app Mac os