djay pro (windows) stopps playing (from spotify) after ca. 45 minutes

I’ve tried to Play a large Playlist from spotify.

After ca. 45 - 50 minutes of playing, your djay pro Windows stopps playing.

i’ve checked this now for the 3rd time.
Attemp 2 and 3 where done without even moving the mouse the whole time.DJay pro Windows Plays for a while (ca. 45 minutes) and than it hungs up.
The last track is only downloaded by 50 %.
After restarting djay pro Windows, everything works well for the next 45 minutes.


I have a similar problem with DJay Pro on iPhone 7.
The music mute after 3-7 tracks. Crossfader and other controls still work but no sound. After switching the controller On/Off it works for a while. This happen on Vestax 400, Denon MC 7000. I think it has nothing to do with the controller. I think it has to do with how busy DJay Pro is.

Hey Andreas,

we are very sorry to hear about that.
Can you tell us which device you are using? I tried reproducing the issue overnight but was not able to with the machines at our office.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Andreas,

sorry for the delayed response.
It appears that the souncard you are using is not supported by the Windows Audio Driver (WASAPI) we are using.
The support of external devices has high priority to us and we will do our best in order to be able to support external devices as fast as possible.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Andreas,

I see, so your Spoity problem is persisting while using your internal sound card as well?
I will start a over night test routine and see if our devices will play through the night.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Because of your advice to use a USB multichanel Output device for Splitting the Output with Stereo on different Output lines, i bought a

USB 6 Channel 5.1 Extern Audio Soundkarte…

Unfortunatliy Stereo Output Splitting does not work with these device, so i’m using the “normal” Output split for 2 mono lines.

Spotify Audio Quality is set to “Default” 160 kB/s

I will try using my Surface Dock Output now …

Same result.
Application has stoppted playing after 1 hour.
App ist respoinding to mouse, but does not Play or load music anymore.

After restarting the app (not the pc), everything works well again.

Same Result for “Headphone Realtek High Definition Audio” => Internal Sound Card of my Surface Pro.

App does not play anymore after 45-60 Minutes.
As the other approaches: Everythink works, but Music does not Play nor load.

This time after this happend, if’ve tryed to add a local Folder and Play something from there. Doesn’t do either.

After Restaring app (only app not pc) Music Plays from that Folder with no Problems.

App Version is 1.0.26480.0 (is this the latest one?)

Actual Try:

“Headphone Realtek High Definition Audio” => Internal Sound Card of my Surface Pro.

Source: Local Folder with some MP3 Files.

App is playing now for 3 hours without any Problem.

Seems to be spotify making These troubles

After switch back to play songs from spotify, djay pro stopped playing after anpther couple of minutes.This time, i was able to resume playing by saying “Load track to deck 1 / 2”. After loading 2 Tracks from lokale files, loading from spotify resumed also. App is playing now again (without restart)

5:45 => Start Spotify “Good morning” Playlist
6:52 djay pro Stopps playing

It looks like, PlayPosition is behind tracks loading position (or in other words, track wasn’t loaded completely) PlayPosition continues to move to the right.

Now i made “Eject” on that desk.
After this on the “Queue” Window on next Track “Load to Desk 2”.

Djay pro resumed playing (6:55)

…and so on.
Every 45-60 Minutes, djay pro stopps playing from spotify.
Playing from other sources has no Problems.

Is there any possibility to enable some “Tracefile” for you, so you can see, what happens on your IP Connection to spotify?


Any Ideas?

You are not right.

  1. i did use the Internal Sound Card of my Surface Pro instead with the same result.
  2. if i do not use Spotify, but some MP3 Files on the local drive, everything goes well.
  3. Problem does only occur, when using spotify.

Did you be able to reproduce the Problem?
Otherwise, should i send more Information?
I’m able to take a Memory dump of your app, when it hungs up? Do you want one? Where should i upload it?