djay Pro wishlist

I would love to see this functionality in djay Pro

  • save loops as hotcues, working the same way as “active loop memory cues” on Pioneer CDJ’s.
    meaning we need an loop/exit button to activate/exit the loop. And if you activate the loop without defining a loop length it will start at the first stored loop the playback head passes at the length that was stored with that cue.
    so basically you have 3 choices,

  • start a loop by defining a length this will also activate the loop in the same way it works now

  • activate a loop without length and it will start at the first stored loop it encounters with the length that was stored

  • pressing the cue button will start the corresponding stored loop with the stored length immediately.

  • support for any kind of key as text field so “open key” or “Camelot” keys can be stored. This could be solved if djay reads the mp3’s primary key frame.

  • (this is for the iOS platform) possibility to show the comment field in the track browser window or make the browser window configurable so the user can decide what to show/hide.

  • Configurable deck heads, so I can define what I would like to see on top of the deck (personally I need: artist, title, comment. My comments contain an externally analyzed key / bpm in a fixed format e.g 02A - 080.00 ; 11B - 092.12 ; etc)

  • bring back the “artwork on label” djay version 2 looked so good that sometimes I just put it on the beamer while working it. (I understand that with all the added functionality of the Pro version we cant bring back the 1200 looks).

Still be the best djay software for iOS and has saved my gig more then once when the club’s/festival’s set up broke down.

MixMaster G

  • 1 for info & customization!

Hi there,

thank you for your feedback.
Regarding the save loops as hitches feature, this “Cue Call” feature is a nice addition to djay Pro and I forwarded your post internally. 

The requested redesign feature of the User Interface would definitely be a plus as well, but we are trying to keep the features as basic as possible in order to give advanced and new users an easy start with our software.

Regarding the 1200 look, this view is choosable in djay Pro for the Mac but not for the iPad, we wanted to give the user the opportunity to decide by choosing between djay 2 or djay Pro which way/view he is preferring.

I hope you understand and we are more than happy for your feedback.

Lukas E.

Hi Lukas,

Thnx for your reply.
I dont ask for an overhaul of the user interface, I understand that’s beyond the scope of a minor update.
Right now the header of the deck looks like this

so in the header there is
artwork - timer - title - artist - key

What I suggest is make the:

title - artist - key

definable in the preference. kind of how Traktor Pro does:

So the user can set in the preferences what kind of tag data should be above the deck. The equivalent of how you can set the display on most Pioneer CDJ’s. You can keep the current display settings as a default.

This is what I would like my deck header to look like:

I dont need to know the artist in or the track but I do like to see the full name of the track (what remix is it I create tons of remixes and well its hard to find them in djay right now) and the default key / bpm.
the tags I show in my example are
title - comment field ( (the key & bpm are in the comment through Mixed in Key see for the howto)

hope you will forward this suggestion as well


MixMaster G

I second this request, more tag info, maybe make a setting for us to be able to pic the columns of tag info