djay Pro worked fine. One day distortion present when crossfader is in the middle. ddj sb2


I have been using djay Pro for almost 9 months now. No problems and great experience. About 4 days ago I noticed the sound produced through my headphones and through my speaker was distorted.
I trouble shoot my headphones, speaker, and computer output and nothing.
I trouble shoot mixes. When I looped the same song on two decks, I noticed that the distortion was present when the crossfader was in the middle. Sliding the crossfader to one side or the other got rid of the distortion. It seems like when two tracks are played simultaneously (crossfader in the middle), distortion is present. This holds true whether I am using my DDJ SB2 or not. Ticking “Exclusive mode” makes the sound unbearable and screechy. Before this past weekend this was not a problem.

Perhaps a windows update has caused this? I can’t find any other reason that it would stop working over night.

Best Regards,
Robert S