DJay Remote for iPad (universal app)

I just bought DJay for Mac and would love to control it with my iPad. I did download the iPhone remote app and although it works on the iPad there’s so much more a universal app could add for iPad users. Any plans to update for universal (preferable) or even have a iPad only app? Thanks and great work guys!

i was thinking, using the app to control not only the djay for mac… But djay for ipad, i mean it would become useful with the idj pro, when the ipad is docked you can go roam your party, and using your iphone still controlling your ipad in the dj booth…

I was thinking that instead of controlling the Mac, it could be a controller for just the turntables and leave the effects and mixing and whatnot to the Mac, or vis a versa. something along those lines.

I wish DJ Remote for the iPad! Will there be such a thing or is working on something like that?

Using the iPad as the Touch Interface for the DJay for Mac (along similar lines to the Serato Remote) would be fantastic. Please make it reliable - even if that means having to connect with USB (as opposed to Wifi) and dropping features that require too much data synchronisation (such as waveform display) - just stick to turning the iPad into a rock solid touch controller … Thanks!

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To whom it may concern,

I have recently purchased the djay app for both my iPad and mac, to find that the djay remote app only works for the iPhone, having downloaded the app for my iPad regardless, I’ve come to realise it’s very small and you cannot even turn the screen to see both decks.

Please create an update or a new app (preferably cheap as I’ve already spent a fair bit on the apps already and the remote app that is too small) so that you can use your iPad as a turntable for the djay Mac app. This is without a doubt a very good idea, and could potentially make algoriddim billions of pounds worth of profit. I do not have any figures or graphs to prove my case, but trust me i’m good with numbers.

Please let me know when you decide to ‘get the finger out’ and make such an app.

Yours faithfully,
Liam Robertson

P.S. This isn’t a complaint, I just want to express my desire for an app which allows me to use my iPad as a mixer whilst using the djay app on my mac, I happen to like your products even the remote app which is too small and doesn’t turn.

Well it’s been over 3 years since this question was posted. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for iPad control?