djay + Skype = 2 DJs?

Hi guys,

I’ve been testing out a trial version of djay for Mac today and loving it so far. A friend and I run a ShoutCast radio station and we were wondering if it would be possible to rig the following up:

* I run djay on my mac.
* He Skypes in to me.
* We play songs, talk over skype and have the full mix recorded to upload later to the station for play (down the road we may go live with NiceCast).
* The trick is I’d like my friend to be able to hear the music as I play it. We’d also like to talk “off the record” as songs play.

I can get everything working fine with just me as a dj (muting and unmuting my mic between songs using the djay mic function) but I’m having trouble getting my buddy patched in correctly.

Has anyone tried setting up this type of thing? Basically I’m trying to mimic 2 guys sitting in a room playing music, talking and having a few pints - recording it all. Just happens one of the guys is across the country. I’ve toyed with SoundFlower, LineIn and the Audio MIDI Setup on the Mac but can’t quite get it. I also have AudioHijack if that will make it easier to record all the sounds.

Thanks for any input. It might not be possible to do.


Hi Bucketo,

Thanks for contacting us.

lol, nice idea but I honestly don’t know if this will work. I’ll check back with our developers and let you know.