Djay stable enough to do live performance?

Due to some latency issues and software problems, I recently have switched Virtual DJ for Algoriddim’s Djay.
Now, does anyone here ( beginners as pro’s) have performed a dj-night for a crowd with Djay, and what were your findings? Is Djay really stable enough to use it for some hours in a row?
My configuration:
MacBook Pro 2,66 Ghz Intel Core 7
8 GB 1067 Mhz
DJ I/O Numark soundcard connected to a Rodec BX9 Mixtable.

In the soundconfiguration the left en right turntables are perfectly working appart with the DJ I/O soundcard. I only can not set any latency because Numark doesn’t provide any software for Mac for that soundcard except the drivers.


Stability and latency are our top priorities. djay for Mac also benefits from the fact that it is specifically designed and made for the OS X platform - no compromises.

We have many users who swear by djay for Mac and use the app regularly on professional gigs.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to make djay even better, please don’t hesitate to voice them.

Your remark on the good/bad USB port sounds very interesting. May I ask where you got this information? Does it apply to all Macbook models?

Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely keep this in mind.

Thanks for your reply.

However, I also found out that there is one ‘good’ usb port and a ‘bad’ usb port on the MacBook.
One USB port is shared with keyboard, trackpad, Bluetooth and cardreader… (that 's the one one shouldn’t use.)
The other USB port (the ‘good one’), only shares iSight and IR. That’s the one you best connect your soundcard. It’s the usb port closest to the MagSafe connector.
Anyway, I switched my Numark DJ I/O for a Traktor Audio 10 soundcard, and Djay and Traktor Sound 10 works like a charm.
I also bought the Djay keyboard cover…

Does anybody knows how to browse through the playlist and, especially, which key to use to load a song in a deck?

Never mind; just found it